Posted by Dan at 03th March 2015

What Makes You Impressive

What do you think makes somebody impressive? What are the stand out characteristics that lift wow people out of the crowd?

Is it IQ? Size of their bank account? How many businesses they’ve set up?

Of course this question needs context, but I was wondering if there are common traits – beyond the obvious financial or commercial successes and explore if there are any objective truths in what makes us mere mortals an impressive bunch. I think there are.

Here’s my list. Let me know if I’ve over cooked anything, or forgotten some. I have a sinking feeling that this may just be a personal list, but I’m sure you’ll let me know ;)

Cha-Ching – of course money is important – it gives us options, but we’re not just in this for the cash anymore. If you ask any Y Gen’er their top reasons for working at a company, cash comes way down the list. Bankers earn lots of money, own beautiful houses and drive supercars/supermodels – but is that impressive? I don’t think so. The City holds many of the least impressive people I’ve ever met. It’s what you do with money that can make a super impression.

Being Better Than Before – Those that are able to transcend their genes impress me. I’ve met some amazingly talented individuals who come from horrendous backgrounds but consciously don’t pay forwards the crap they were dealt by their parents. Parents are there to f*ck you up, it’s part of their remit, but those who can live beyond their genetic propensity really stand out to me.

Ze Discipline – The starters who finish. Those who will not procrastinate. This is a true gem of a quality. Not a strength of mine much of the time which p*sses me off, but I’m learning from a master-doer self made billionaire friend who has been to many places and bought many t-shirts. Which brings me to…

Forest Gump Focus – If you can micro-focus on your top priorities in a Forest Gump 10000 hour ping-pong hectic manner then quids in for you. Tell me how… what… where… oooh… SQUIRREL.

Being Self Made – Anyone who, without excuses, changed their’s and the lives of those around them – Wowsers. It doesn’t have to equal massive financial success although it often does. You self made, self contained units. I salute you.

Down But Not Out – In business it’s very easy to be beaten down, especially if you’re a sensitive soul like me. The imposter syndrome is rife in the entrepreneurial world and it carries through all aspects of our lives (I break that down into 7 sections: Health, wealth, love, family, work, friendships and energy). Get knocked over, stand up and push on through. Superstars feel the fear and do it anyway.

The Authentics – I work with a difficult man, who shall remain nameless Duncan, who carries a very intense and sometimes dark energy. However, he is honourable, honest and authentic, often to a fault. It doesn’t matter what you are, as long as you’re comfortable & authentic with go juice and candour. He has these assets in spades. Respect.

Hyper Aware – I’m always a little taken back by those who understand energy and how it works within relationships. These people don’t label it but they will discuss openly. A state of mental awareness and connectivity is a very attractive thing, across all aspects of our lives. They see people!

Comfortable In Your Own Skin – You may have millions of friends or not. Come from a large family or not. There is something special about those that can be thrown into any situation with any group of people and just work the room. Brilliant.

Forgivers, Lovers & Those Who Look For The Best In Others – I’ve bundled these together as they are a bit soft and squishy for LinkedIn, but impressive all the same I reckon.

Being Present – The final one on my list is something I learned from an old boss 20 years ago. He had a sticker on his PC monitor that said ‘Be Present’ – I asked him about it and he said that as a leader he needs to ensure he’s in the room, with total focus, eye contact and offering it all up. So – Be. Present.

BUT. Never forget. However impressive someone is – Everybody poops…

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