Posted by Dan at 06th June 2014

I need your help – The next adventure is…

milton_berleChatting with a friend in Cape Town, talking about moving back to London next month and what to do with myself work wise. I need a new challenge and I’m sure I’m good for something!

We figured with the internet bringing people closer together, I could maybe incentivise my wider network to help me find the right business opportunity by applying the 6 degrees rule (Which is probably more like 3 degrees now thanks to social media!) with a little cash, love, lunch (Delete as you fancy).

It’s a very self indulgent ask this but if you don’t ask you don’t get! So what the hell. Here goes:

I will fly anywhere in the world, take you for lunch and give you/a friend/an organisation of your choice £1000 in return for an introduction. That’s all. Easy huh?

What am I looking for exactly?

A project or business that needs someone like me, where I can add real value. I’m a Commercial Director slash Business Dev person specialising in digital.

What can I do and why should you connect me!?

For the past 20 years I have helped organisations large and small use technology to make or save money, engage audiences, think differently and sell. More recently I’ve owned or managed businesses that do the same, so I have a generalist background in business and digital. My core skill set – energising teams – strategic thinking around product, positioning, messaging – activating routes to market. (more here and on LinkedIn if you have time)

What kind of business/project?

To give you some context, the business will probably look/feel something like one of these:

1. A small digital product business that wants accelerated growth to the next level. Taking their £300k TO business to £5m over the next 5 years. (Or a marketing/PR/comms firm that has a spin-off idea and wants to do the same.)

2. A mid-size or corporate that wants to be more innovative, perhaps setting up an incubation/innovation program that feeds digital product back into the core business channel – so retaining staff, diversifying offering, making cool product.

3. A fund that wants to invest in smarter tech businesses. I’ll help find and tidy the best ones.


London based.

Money and time

Full time project based, or as an employee of the business. It would be great if earnings covered London expenses but must be aligned with what the business can afford (£4k-8k/mth I would think suits this kind of role). I’ll make my money on the upside when the business/project is successful. I may invest, but assume not initially. Happy with targets, risk reward etc.

The softer squishier stuff

I’m moving back to London to manage my Old Dear’s health care plan and also because my girlfriend wants to get back into acting. Where better to be on stage than London! On the work side, I’ve been exceptionally lucky and privileged to have worked with some amazing people, in various businesses, across different sectors. The one stand out element for me has been that I prefer values driven businesses. e.g. No suits, open, authentic, flat structure, with ALL of us in it to win it. I want to be part of a hungry and passionate team that are building cool shit to make money, make a difference AND have fun.

So. The £1000.

When an agreement has been made, whoever made the first link connection (by any means) will receive the £1000 within 7 days (I may need some time to arrange flights to Cambodia ;).

As someone smarter than me once said – Change is inevitable, progress is optional…

Many thanks in advance.



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