Posted by Dan at 02th February 2015

Recruiting Coders – Out-house, In-house, Sh*t-house

I read a comment this morning on Twitter that said something like – ‘Does your job involve digital? If not, it soon will’.

I’m not sure that’s totally true, should you be milking cows, or painting the Mona Lisa, but it did remind me how we haven’t yet touched the sides of how important tech is to our world.

Right now. To me. Finding the right digital soul in the form of a Ruby on Rails CTO slash Senior Developer is more important than eating or sleeping. I’m even holding off toilet trips.

Many of you may be in the same boat, looking for a great developer for your startup, project or business, so I thought I would do a quick thought grab of the good, bad and ugly when it comes to hiring and managing the right dev resource, whether that’s in-house, outsourced, or a blend:

* There’s coders and there be coders – the great ones are in HUGE demand. If you’re project is boring. Find deep pockets. Most devs I’ve met are inspired and motivated by so much more than just the dollar.

* Buy cheap, buy twice. It truly is that brutally simple.

* Don’t forget the hybrid – Building your team within an outsourced dev team is an option for many. Just make sure the commercials and culturals are totally aligned. Check in often. Relationships change.

* You don’t need your programmers in the office all the time BUT I don’t care what anyone says – you WILL need to see the whites of each other’s eyes regularly. Fully outsourced solutions are not viable without super clean, clear channels of communication. That means you there, them here, lot’s of video conferencing, lots of cake, lots of love.

* Don’t get too hung up on language sets. Your fave platforms are all based on different ones. We sometimes get hooked on HTML5 this, Python that, PHP the other. Yes they each have pros and cons and most devs have their faves, but find the right person first.

* You may have to poach. If so, look at the products you love. Find them via the forums, meetups, Github, even their designer buddies on Behance or Dribbble etc. and reach out.

* Recruiters. You don’t like them, they don’t like themselves either much of the time, but the great ones can find great people really quickly. I normally do the friends, family, poach route first. Before acquiescing to the cheque book.

* Do more than JUST ask for a CV and covering letter. Get creative. Post in code, set a task, pre-qualify the dross before it hits your inbox.

* When you do get to interview – do 3 things – measure the practical, cultural and commercial. Hire slowly, fire fast.

* Don’t be a sh*t customer. You know what I mean. And you’ll know when you are.

 Keep me posted ;)

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