Posted by Dan at 11th November 2013

Properly Annoying Digital #WankWords

Buzz words exist in every industry. Digital is probably one of the most chocked full of social-media-ninja-bigdata-wank phrases.

Here are some that make me bite my knuckle. And yes, I still use them. Regularly. Bugger.

Big Data  What was it before? Small data? Next up. Ginormous data.

Omnichannel – HUmm. What was wrong with multi?!

Social Media – Is not all media, social?

‘Like’ Us On Facebook – Whyyyyyyy?

Content Marketing – What were you marketing before? Cat wee?

Growth Hacking – Get your machete out.

Thought Leader – Yes. Always. Start. With a thought.

Make it go ‘Viral’ – Yup, I’ll give it the Clap.

SoLoMo – Google it, and facepalm.

The Internet of Things – Err. So I can connect my fridge to my watch to my email account. Cool.

The Cloud – Happens when Grandad eats chilli.

Disruptive Technology – When you want to get your hipster on and disrupt that shit.

Synergy – No.

Advertainment – Irritation while you’re trying to play.

Listicle – Sounds too much like testicle to me.

Missed any?

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