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Previous Talks and Training Sessions

I’ve been doing talks, coaching and training sessions on all aspects of digital stuff since 1999. I’m fascinated by people and technology, equally captivated by how our on and off-line worlds collide.

I thought it might be cool to scrape together all the videos, pictures and podcasts from some of the sessions I’ve run. How wrong was I?! It’s painful watching and hearing yourself. It’s also proving more difficult than I thought as many are lost in the an*s of time… However, here are a few for you to throw tomatos at:

640k Ought To Be Enough For Anyone

Cape Town May 2012 – This talk for Net Prophet was all about tech, timing and opportunity in South Africa. The 1000+ audience was mainly comprised of techies, digital people and those in media slash comms. (There is some colourful language so NSFW on loud speaker)

640k Out To Be Enough For Anyone

LiveTech – Social Media Bootcamp

London, March 2011 – Tiffany StJames and I put together a 2 day social media bootcamp for 100 senior managers, mainly from Blue Chips, to get under the hood of social strategy and deep into the tools and frameworks for real world implementation. It was designed for those who were past social media 101, had applied it at some level within their organisation but really wanted to get to the next commercial level. Now… there is a video for this somewhere, I’m still trying to locate it… Pictures c/o the delightful

Technology for Marketing

London 2008. When we started The Engine Room (Boutique IT Support) in 2005 we ran quarterly sessions on all things tech from the Adam St Gallery in London (Home made videos so be gentle with me ;). This workshop from Spring 2008 looked at that new fangled social media thingamyjig. We first ran this session in 2006! Funny to think that a) People still run these social media 101 sessions, and b) social media (I’m somewhat bored of that hackneyed term now!) has only really been around, I would argue, since 2004 in its current format! Scary.

[wpvideo bf45NKzP]

100 Top Tips

London 2006. Again, an early Engine Room special, workshop style, for 40 people. This tech training session from Summer 2006 shared 100 Mac And PC top tech tips in an hour. We asked that people took away at least 5 that they could apply on a daily basis.

[wpvideo 2sRkv3xP]

As I find more pics, videos and podcasts I’ll grit my teeth and post them here…

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