Posted by Dan at 06th June 2012

‘Freemium, Premium, Dreamium’ – Positioning Your Brand Online

The ‘new’ way of selling online is pretty old. There is another way.

Where we’re kind of at right now:

Freemium – The freeness! Mmm, but for the record vendors, there’s nothing premium about free, but we know what you mean.

Premium – A selection of price points you really want to sell me (and what I’ll probably have to ‘one up’ buy to get that one tool/palette/capability I wanted in the first place).

Dreamium – A word I made up to sell the really deep pocket product you should be trying to sell me, if only to better position the ones back down the list.

All of the above are out there in some shape or form, but we gluttonous online consumers ultimately expect free. However, we’ll relent and pay something if the product is good enough, maybe (So not a very premium brand position after all perhaps?).

I’ve re-discovered an old framework that I’d like to become more prevalent again. Highlighting the real notional value of money.

I did a search yesterday for a tool that would de-duplicate my music folder (Yes, more freeness that I should feel more guilty about). There are loads of contenders and I plumbed for DupeGuru.

It works, very clean, it found 1030 duplicate files and had some cute ways to manage the process perfectly (Hard linking files to the remaining file is a really nice touch), but how it asked me for money was the real cuteness, and actually made me open my wallet.

The winning formula for me:

1. The free version had full functionality but limited to number of dedupes (Which is fair enough)

2. To buy, I could ‘donate’ whatever I wanted (but had to pay something)

3. I didn’t have to ‘donate’ to that product (I could fund other products or causes)

Subtle differences for sure, but it took me on a thoughtful journey that made me appreciate ‘value’ (Maybe you could take your customers on theirs?).

Someone wrote this software. It really helped me. How very dare I expect it for free?! I wouldn’t go into a sweet shop, suck on a few Kola Kubes, then buy half of a different packet that I really wanted, while sneering at the manager as I walked out?! Crazy!

But I don’t think I’m alone?

Am I?

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