Posted by Dan at 03th March 2015

1 Simple Step To Save The NHS

Charge for all NHS services, at the point of delivery.

There I said it (*Ducks thrown rotten veg)

I have a very sick Mum, she’s been ill for many years and it’s somewhat of a medical miracle she’s still here at all. One thing for sure is that she’s only still with us thanks to the NHS.

However, it’s crumbling, inefficient, inconsistent and currently costs us £2.2bn per week, which is unsustainable at current tax income. Looking at existing trends and projected budgets we’ll be £30bn in the hole within 5 years.

The problem is simple in essence – there are too many of us, we’re lazy, stupid, getting too fat and living too long.

There are more subtle issues that also evoke incredibly emotional responses but need to be considered. One to note is that around 80% of NHS resources are taken up by only 20% of us. A large proportion of these patients don’t actually need medical attention – They are bored, lonely, depressed or simply prefer to be institutionalised, when able to wangle a hospital bed (Of course I’m not including those that need serious psychological help). In the 25 years or so that I’ve watched my Mum pass through most hospitals in the south of England I’ve met a variety of these kinds of patients. It’s incredibly sad to see but this is not what the NHS was designed to do, and it cannot cope.

The irony here is that the Welfare State, designed to support and promote the economic and social wellbeing of its citizens is in part feeding the very problem that it is trying to resolve by allowing us to be feckless and lazy.

There has to be a better way to look after the genuine weaker members of our society in a smarter and more sustainable way?

I think there are many things we can do better by educating, removing politicisation of the issue (& STOP voting in those who promise us the most for the least!), increase transparent direct taxes, energise entrepreneurial economies and so much more – All huge topics. BUT, before we do anything we need some real world weights and measures in place by using the notional value of cash –

We need to charge an income related fee at point of service.

This already exists within the health system, most famously in dentistry. In principle the system works so let’s learn from it, develop it and apply it universally.

My personal, mostly unpopular opinion, is that you can not have public service systems that sit completely outside of ‘money’ systems. They create division and derision. Yes we must collectively subsidise and support those in need but we are not evolved enough as a species to engage with a full Star Trek style socialist agenda yet. We are greedy, lazy and stupid at worst so income support, unemployment benefit, the NHS and all other institutions that place citizens completely outside of a circular financial systems are primed for failure. Let’s stop seeing money as evil, keep it circulating, and use it for what is was designed to do.

I can’t think of a better way to start. Can you?

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