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I help tech businesses grow as a mentor, consultant, or investor.

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I’m Dan Bowyer – entrepreneur, consultant, investor.

I help tech startups and digitally focussed businesses be more, do more, have more. Need a helping hand raising, building a team or product, selling, finding new markets or getting exit ready? If we’re the right fit I’ll probably be able to help. Charging whatever you can afford.

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Get shit working

Create the right energy & infrastructure, enabling the right people to do the right things.

Find the right people

Get the right people on the bus and the world is your lobster. It’s people first. Always.

Get creative

Stuck at a stage of business? Let’s shift the energy and get creative, I’ll bring the crayons.


As boring as it can be, getting the back end of the business shiny is super paramount.

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My ramblings

  • he title is a bit of a misnomer, it should be ‘what enables a startup to survive’ but it came from an article I was sent today titled ’18 mistakes that kill startups’ to comment on. Got me thinking. What does kill a startup? And most importantly, what enables survival?

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  • s I was writing this post I couldn’t get John Cleese’s voice out of my head. What did the Romans ever do for us anyway? :) But in all seriousness – What’s left for digital to do? I read on TechCrunch today about the latest batch from 500 Startups being fouttered and feckered into the world.

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  • What else do you need your smartphone to do? Do you reaaaally need it to be faster, bigger or thinner? Probably not in real money (Unless you’re still holding one of these). I would like to be so bold to suggest that tech has topped out. There is nothing left to do.

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  • What do you think makes somebody impressive? What are the stand out characteristics that lift wow people out of the crowd? Is it IQ? Size of their bank account? How many businesses they’ve set up? Of course this question needs context, but I was wondering if there are common traits – beyond the obvious financial … Read More

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  • Charge for all NHS services, at the point of delivery. There I said it (*Ducks thrown rotten veg) I have a very sick Mum, she’s been ill for many years and it’s somewhat of a medical miracle she’s still here at all. One thing for sure is that she’s only still with us thanks to … Read More

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  • I read a comment this morning on Twitter that said something like – ‘Does your job involve digital? If not, it soon will’. I’m not sure that’s totally true, should you be milking cows, or painting the Mona Lisa, but it did remind me how we haven’t yet touched the sides of how important tech … Read More

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  • A murder of crows, a murmuration of starlings and everyone knows a cluster of diamonds. But what is the collective noun for geeks? As CEO at Rewired State. We hack data held in large organisations and develop apps to help  solve real world business problems, quickly – Rapid prototyping of software is our key speciality. Today we’re working with Asda, hacking … Read More

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  • I recently landed back in the UK looking for something to do, having been in Cape Town for 4 years. I offered a grand (£s not Rand ;) to anyone who would open their black book, reconnect me with the London business/tech scene, and help me find my next adventure. I imaginatively titled the project … Read More

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  • Chatting with a friend in Cape Town, talking about moving back to London next month and what to do with myself work wise. I need a new challenge and I’m sure I’m good for something! We figured with the internet bringing people closer together, I could maybe incentivise my wider network to help me find … Read More

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  • I’ve always enjoyed this joke at work – “What’s the largest export of Brazil”, you ask. They say “Coffee isn’t it?”. …and you say “Yes please”. Ba doom toosh. A little juvenile but always makes me smile. However, just came across this published in Time online from GlobalPost, which actually shows the largest exports from … Read More

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